3 Facts About The ACT

The ACT is a standardized test designed to show college admittance how prepared you are for higher education and merit-based scholarships.  Keep reading to learn three key facts about the ACT.


1.  Practice

The ACT is a big event in your child’s life that can be life-changing.  Just as you prepare for other big events such as a wedding, a big game, a big concert the ACT should be no different.

The stigma is it’s a test and standardized.  Hence, a standardized test is really tricky, and are written to trick students.

The ACT test writers have a very specific style.  Therefore, to reach your true score potential is to practice with authentic  ACT questions.

I recommend purchasing the book, The Official  ACT Prep Guide written by the ACT organization.  There are three official tests with answers.

The Official ACT Prep Guide



2.  GPA Doesn’t Correlate to ACT Score

The ACT is a standardized test which is different than a classroom test.  The stigma is I am a good student, I don’t need to prepare for the test.  This statement is not necessarily true.  The ACT test measures student’s readiness for college.  An honor roll student doesn’t guarantee a high ACT score. Students who are average or below average according to their grades doesn’t mean they are not prepared for college. For example,  a teen who barely passed high school scored a 27 prior to prep.  After he completed his ACT training, he raised his score to a 30. He received more soccer scholarships due to the 3 point increase.

3.  Open Doors You Never Thought Possible

On average a prep course can raise a score at a miimimial of three to four points.  Let’s see how this can open doors.  For example, without ACT prep a teen’s score is 17, by taking a prep course they jump to a 21. Instead of a community college now they can apply to a university or private college.

Now the other end of the spectrum,  a teen top of their class receives an ACT score of 26 without prep.  The same student takes a prep course and improves their score to 32.  They have more options of applying for their dream college, or out of state with more scholarship opportunities to make out of state a possibility.

Besides attending college a student never thought was possible,  amount of scholarship opportunities increases.


So, What Do I Do, Now?

Great question, you can enroll in E3 Modern Learning ACT prep training course here.

The training is like college, but with a twist of high school.  Meaning teens use our dashboard to access training modules. The training modules are personalized based on their weekly score report.  Parents, you can monitor your teen’s progress.

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