Live Virtual Classes

learning adventures and unforgettable experiences
  • Freedom & Flexible

  • Global Community

  • Multi-dimensional

  • Standard & Research Backed
  • Virtual Playground Club

    Starts Here

  • Choice

    • Members choose what they want to learn 
    •  Allow members to  customized their activities to share with others
    • Create and learn at their own pace
  • Connect

    • Connect members from all over the world, through our collaborative system
    • Designed to encourage student engagement 
    • Coaches communicate via messaging, email, and live virtual classroom
  • Success

    • Live Virtual showcase through our safe, customized software
    • Parents, friends, and family attend a live virtual showcase
    • Earn virtual badges 
  • Virtual Adventure Camp

    Begins June 10th
  • Virtual Adventure Camp Includes:

    1. Customized learning
    2. Participate in awesome activities 
    3.  Live virtual showcase  
    4. Effective and safe learning environment
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