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  • Academic Coaching Should Be Fun

    First of all, join our team if your passion is to make a difference! When you join our team you will be joining  premier academic coaches who share a common interest in building  life-long learners.  What we do best is, support  and value our coaches so that you can coach with confidence.    

    • Build life-long learners 
    • Communicate with parents, educators in a positive manner
    • Go above and beyond
    • Share passion in learning
    • coach mastery not memory
    • Guide students how to learn not what to learn

    In conclusion, We are a team here at E3 Modern Learning and our goal is helping scholars achieve their highest potential.


  • We Support You By Rewarding Excellence

    We want you to be proud of being part of a premier team.  We are very proud of our team!  Due to, fun passionate professionals who strive on sharing their expertise. As a result, create new and exciting ways to meet their scholar’s needs.  Most of all, we are devoted to retaining the highest quality coaches.  In conclusion, coaching excellence will be rewarded.

  • Candidates Responsibilities:

    • Coach all students in accordance with their learning game plan
    • Maintain progress reports on individual students
    • Create a stress-free and engaging environment
    • Have a productive yet relaxing and creative style of teaching
    • Effective and fun presentation skills
    • Be able to change strategies if the existing are proving ineffective
    • Active and ongoing classroom management
    • Slightly guide students of all levels to achieve their highest score on test day
    • Ability to learn and have a common interest in our methodology and strategies
  • Benefits:

    • Competitive pay, depending on experience and subject content
    • Paid training program.  You receive in depth training so you are prepared
    • Hours are part time and flexible.  Some scheduling flexibility is essential
    • Personal phone number
    • Focus on your strengths
    • Ongoing support and additional training opportunities to enhance your abilities
    • Use our top notch prep materials for ACT test along with the individualized score report
  • Immediately Hiring 

  • Academic Coaches

    • High School
    • ACT Test Prep
    • Elementary
  • Summer Camp Coaches

    • Preschool
    • Kindergarten
    • 1st grade
    • 2nd grade
    • 3rd grade




  • Appreciate Your Interest!

    At E3 Modern Learning, we are always looking for premiere academic coaches.  If you would like to come join  an awesome team, in the form please enter your details.  Rebecca will be in touch soon.