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  • How it Works So Your Teen Reaches True ACT Score

    It's Easy 3 Step Approach

  • Plan

    •We use authentic ACT diagnostic  test to create personalized game plan

    •We identify areas of strength and weakness and prepare a weekly action plan

    •The test tracker shows progress over the course

  • Train

    •Our system created around teens busy schedule

    •Teens train around their schedule- before/after practice, daily, weekends

    •Teens have access to live ACT expert

  • Practice

    •Real paper and pencil test- mimic real life 

    •Strengthen teen’s muscle memory 


  • Have Any Questions?

    Get in touch (402)810-6321

  • Meet the Test Creator

    Hello,  I’m Rebecca Kennedy,  the creator of this unique ACT prep course. Guiding students to their true learning potential is my passion! I believe all students are capable of learning when given the correct tools. 

    View  Rebecca’s Linkedin profile.


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  • How E3 Modern Learning is the Best Prep For Teens:

  • Anytime, Anywhere

    • Flexible online training
    • Any device connected to the web
    • Safe and live expert support
  • Personalized

    • Identifying areas to strengthen 
    •  Weekly  score tracker report
    • Multiple teaching styles to match the teen and  how they learn
  • High-Quality

    • Authentic test questions
    • Strengthen muscle memory
    • No videos- Blooms Taxonomy learn by doing
  • Proof It Works!

    The methodology behind the program:
    1. 10+ years of Tutoring & substitute teaching
    2.  Science-based research-how the brain learns and learning styles
    3. Research-based- several hours research what subject content is covered
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  • How We Support & Keep Teens On Track

    • Team Caption

      An Executive Team Coach will monitor your teen’s progress and gently support him/her.

    • Email Notification

      You and your teen receive weekly zip grader tracker report. Track their progress and areas of improvement.

    • Friendly Reminders

      Teen receive encouraging reminders. If a teen strays too long, their Executive Caption will follow up with the stray teen.

  • ACT Price

    ONLY $797

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  • Supporting Teens Reach Their True Score Potential

    • Postal Address

      E3 Modern Learning
      1910 Harney St. Suite 700
      Omaha,Nebraska 68102

    • Contact

      Phone: (402) 810-6321
      email: e3modernlearning.com

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?