• Summer Adventure Camp

    We offer trendy, high-quality summer adventure camp for Pr-K through 4th grade. Our camp promotes active learning and provides real-world application opportunities for young scholars to explore, create, solve real-world problems, and engage in active play.  

  • Key Concepts of Program

    Enrichment projects encompass real-world applications
    • Friday Showcase

      Some of the camps will offer a Friday showcase where campers will have an opportunity to showcase their work. There will be an opportunity for family and friends to attend the showcase either at site or virtual.

    • Parent Involvement

      Parents will have access to a weekly newsletter via email, Facebook fan page or hard copy at the direct site location. The newsletter consists of weekly themes, focus skill, vocab word, parent tips, lastly activities at home to build focus skills of the week. Parents have the opportunity to attend showcases of student’s projects virtually.

    • Common Core & 21St Century Learning

      Modern Curriculum is the result of extended research and vital understanding of 21st Century Learning and Common Core Standards. The Curriculum signifies a model foundation for extended learning in Pre-K and beyond.

    • Real-World Application

      Enrichment projects encompasses real-wold activities. Projects are designed to meet the needs of all learners, from those that need extra support to those that are excelling and recquire advance instruction.

    • Character Education

      E3 Curriculum will build student’s moral charater and enhance their self respect and resepct for others. Collaboration facilitates students develop a sense of responsibility.

    • Health & Fitness

      Health and fitness are integrated in program. Young scholars will enhance fine motor skills, empower knowledge of healthy eating choice and engage in fitness and yoga.