• Reading Tutors Makes All The Difference

    Your child’s  reading tutor coach meets your child’s needs through a customized learning game plan.   Our unique approach provides your child a solid foundation of reading, writing, and spelling proficiency with plenty of opportunities to apply and practice these skills. As a result, your child will master their reading skills. In addition, he/she develops a solid foundation in reading with transferable skills that can be applied in every school subject. 

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    Warning signs of struggling readers:

    Reading Comprehension: Does your child struggle with remembering what he or she read?  Our expertise tutor coaches utilize research-backed strategies to help your child better understand what they read and retain the information. 

    Reading Speed: Does your child struggle to read at an adequate speed?  Did your child’s teacher mention fluency was a challenge for your child?  Is reading a grueling task for your child?  If so, a reading coach can help your child improve their speed. 

    Reading Accuracy: Does your child guess at words? Does your child skip words? Does your child substitute words and the word doesn’t  make sense in the sentence?  If so a reading coach can help your child learn to decode and pronounce words correctly. 

  • We can help you with:

    • Preschool Reading Readiness
    • Elementary reading
    • Phonics & Whole Language
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Reading Fluency
    • Decoding skills
    • Vocabulary
    • Writing Skills
    • AP and Honors Classes
    • Note taking
    • We have had successful results with our tutoring experience. Focus on students as individuals. Positive outlook. It’s great!

    • My 8 yr old son is currently working with Coach Rebecca via Skype as we live out of state. She works with our schedules, my son’s moods & encourages ALL kinds of reading & writing from him. (Text, games, books, lessons, Xbox, etc) It’s wonderful!

  • Membership Benefits

    We’re with you every step of the way. 

    • Comprehensive assessment that provides your child’s strength and weakness area
    • Personalized learning game plan that addresses needs
    • Weekly  progress update on your child’s session
    • Continuing collaboration with your child’s teachers
  • Our reading coach tutors have:


    • Extensive experience in the classroom
    • Strong understanding of how students learn
    • Amazing rapport with students and parents
    • Amazing, engaging, multisensory teaching technique 
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