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    First of all,  our ACT online training and offline practice tests are effectively unique.  Due to, our balanced approach we bridge the gap between training and learning styles.  In addition, we provide a flexible and personalized training.  Consequently, the test is high-pressure. Yet test prep doesn’t have to be.    Most of all, we are with you every step of the way. 

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    Our program allows scholars to take a full-length practice exams. In addition, unlimited expert training to supplement  the online course.  After our members  take the  real-ACT practice test, he/she receives instant score and training modules. Parents and teens can check progress through the dashboard.  The dashboard feature helps scholars stay on track.  Also, the score tracker shows skills he/she may need extra training.  Furthermore, the ACT online training course includes 100+ training modules, 700+ real ACT test questions, unlimited online expert support, and score tracker Register Here 


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    At E3 Modern Learning, we understand that an ACT prep course is only as effective as the coaches instructing it.  Therefore, all of our ACT coaches have experienced content knowledge and personalities.   

    • Full-length ACT practice exams with score report
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    Choosing right ACT course is not easy so we added our top questions below.

  • Do we have our own curriculum?

    Our flexible program uses the official ACT book and enhances it with our own supplement curriculum that i is planned but not scripted so it is personalized.

    Does your ACT coaches have perfect scores?

    We are not worried about our ACT coaches scores instead that they are certified and equipped to provide your child with the tools needed to bring out their best on test day. Our coaches are knowledgeable in their specialized area. If your child has a math question, then an ACT math coach will be their support coach. If your student has an English/Reading question they will contact their Reading/English coach.

    Do you guarantee score increase?

    No, we do not offer guarantees (and please don’t trust those that do). Many factors affect the outcome of a test, and some of these variables are out of our control. We monitor scores carefully through several practice test and a report which breaks down each scholar’s test taking performance so that we can gauge skills that may need reinforcing during training sessions.

    Why doesn't your course expire?

    Our course never expires due to students goals could change. As a result of unexpected life event,s can cause a bad test day. We want to help your child reach their ACT goal every step of the way.

    Can I share my code?

    No, as the course is personalized and you will not recieve adequate training questions.

  • Parents, you are not alone we are here every step of the way.

    Not ready? Send us an email or call (402)810-6321 to speak with one of our team members.

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    Limited enrollment each month.  It’s like college class but with a twist of high school.

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