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  • E3 Modern Learning Methodology

    We believe test prep should be more than just memorization and practice test. Our method is based on 3 essentials steps

  • Plan

    • Prioprietary diagnostic test to identify strength and weakness
    • Students get instant access to a personalized game plan
    • Dashboard allows students to self-monitoring progress
    • Guide students to realistic goals but yet challenging 
  • Train

    • students master concepts and skills needed to maximize their true score
    • Training designed to encourage students engagement
    • Reinforce mastery and enhance confidence
    • Students are supported to take risk and access simpler and better solutions 


  • Practice

    • •Weekly practice test and access to instant feedback
    • Increase stamina with full-length timed practice test
    • Ask ACT coaches questions through our community post
  • Our 360 Stackable Approach

    Our guarantee to deliver true score results for your students by our stackable approach to the test prep process
    • Award Winning Technology & Methodology
    • Training & Support For All Users
    • Science-based Research: How The Brain Learns
    • Real-time Analytics and Award winning LMS System
    • Multiple Teaching Methods To Meet All Learning Styles
  • E3 Modern Learning Analytics

    Do you want real-time tracking with our proprietary analytics and learning management system?

    • Our LMS system puts the power in your hands to manage the program
      • manage student list
      • monitor group activity for log-in & time spent
      • create & monitor active accounts for students and teachers
      School Position
    • Support your staff with the tools to monitor their specific students.
      • Review long-in diagnosed test scores
      • Receive alerts when students have not access their training modules
      • Send group emails to students, parents
      Group Position
    • Identify the unique date of each student.
      • customized learning plan
      • View practice quizzes and review scores
      • identify how much time each student spends in training modules
      • student's progress report.
      Student Position
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      Phone: (402)810-6321
      email e3modernlearning.com