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     Our academic coaches do not just tutor your child, but we coach your child to the answer.  We provide tutoring sessions to scholars of all ages, levels, and subjects.   In addition,  improving academic performance and building confidence for school and life.  Furthermore, your child sessions are flexible and personalized.  Most noteworthy,  your child sessions can be in-home or online via Zoom. 

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  • Members Advantage

     Every child has the potential for academic success.  Most noteworthy is our personalized learning game plan. As a result,  we  provide a unique kind of academic coaching.
    • We teach how to learn
    • We don't expect memorization rather mastery
    • We enhance confidence
    • We connect learning  and real-world situation
    • Scholars actively participate 
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      Early reading
      College prep
  • Subjects We Coach

    • Rebecca was a great help to my daughter. She was well prepared for high school work and has been getting great grades all year. The work gave her a lot of confidence for the school year.

      Jack Beliz
      Beeliz Chircopracter
    • Rebecca is an awesome Tutor! I have been using her services for my son who is in special education for eight months and his reading has jumped 8 levels! More than ever I love how you work with his teachers too. She is amazing.

    • Thank you so much Rebecca… You are giving him life lessons too! You are the best!

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  • Questions and Answers
    What are the academic coaches's qualifications?

    All of our academic coaches are motivated and agree with our company philosophy.
    Before any member of our team comes into contact with your family they have passed a rigorous background check and qualification process to be sure your child’s success.

    What curriculum does E3 Modern Learning Use?

    Our academic coaches combine your child’s curriculum, as well as our modern approach to ensure your child’ masters the content.

    What is the Modern Approach?

    Modern is an acronym; Method Of Developing Education Real-world Naturally.

    How many hours per week?

    Academic coaching sessions are one hour in length. Most students attend 2-3 days per week. E3 works with your family’s schedule and accommodates your needs and academic coaching program goals.

  • Class Hours Per Year
    • Math 80 Hours
    • Reading125 Hours
    • Foreign Language24 Hours
    • Study Skills32 Hours
    • ACT25 Hours
    • Preschool60 Hours