5 Reasons Why ACT Test Prep Is Important

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Aristotle 

1.  Students Teach

When students explain what they have  learned, fading memories are restored.


2.  Practice Test

Reviewing material can boost long-term memory.  Bonus

3. Standardized tests are unparallel from students to student and school to school

Each student schedules vary.  Some have extensive schedules with higher level classes; other ‘s may just be now learning the material covered in the ACT.  Test prep helps students master the concepts and material not as familiar with to enhance their score.

4.  Peak performance in a game, or on a stage, has a preparation process

Just as we would not expect a basketball player to have a perfect record on his free throws after a brief warm-up, or a musician to have a flawless performance without learning the music, we should not expect students to reach their highest score after a brief review.   It is imperative for students to practice, and participate in several mock tests to prepare for success on test day.

5.  There is ROI in test scores

Investing in test prep class can save you thousands of dollars in the future.  ACT scores play a significant part in scholarships and merit-based financial aid criteria.  UNO offers scholarships for residents in  Nebraska that are high school seniors.  Below are two examples how ACT score saves money.

 Regent’s Scholarships  

  • ACT score minimum 30
  •  Covers tuition and is renewable for five years

Chancellor’s  Scholarships

  • ACT score minimum 28-29
  • Covers $3000 a year and is renewable for three years.

Besides saving money on college tuition, students scores may impact their future employment.  The Wall Street Journal reported employers were asking for test scores even as far back as ten years. 

Test Prep Tips

  • Start early:  Spring of sophomore year
  • Practice: Students should take at least four practice test
  • Know Yourself: Understand your strength and weakness
  • Read:  Read various articles


If you have not registered yet, there is still time to improve your score.  Sign up for a planning session so that we can help you prepare for success on test day.




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