ACT English Overview

February 3, 2016

The ACT English section is the first test of the ACT.  The test contains 75 questions that must be answered within a 45-minute time limit.  The ACT test consists of two types of questions: Usage/mechanics and rhetorical skills.  The tables below provide more information regarding the types of ACT English questions test.

Usage/Mechanics: 40 questions

ACT English Sentence


Rhetorical Skills 35 Questions

ACT English Rhetoric



Rule of thumb,  trust yourself.  If you have taken our course, we study grammar rules and learn to recognize style errors so you have your A game on.  By the time students take the ACT, they should have a good idea of what is and isn’t correct.  If a sentence doesn’t  “sound right” you are probably right that something is wrong with the sentence.  Don’t worry about the why just be able to identify the best choice.

For additional ACT English test sample questions visit the ACT website. 



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