7 Reasons to Choose Our  Online ACT Program

1.  Uniquely effective curriculum: 

Our in-house curriculum designed and written with the student in mind.  It follows all four subject topics and also, promotes test-taking tips, strategies and how to overcome test anxiety.  This comprehensive program supplements the  Real ACT book along with our customized and individualized curriculum.   Students will be receiving the knowledge they need and also practice with real test examples in a fun and interactive learning environment.

2.  Certified & FUN ACT coaches:

Our ACT coaches are the top notch instructors from the community.  We carefully selected based on their personal and academic achievements.   Besides being high-qualified with college degrees, they like to have fun which creates for an enjoyable prep class.   They attend a rigorous training sessions to ensure their prepared and share a common interest in students reaching their full potential in school and life.  They believe all students learn differently and are there to provide the tools so students will have their A game on test day.    Because our ACT coaches have a specific subject focus, they are extremely knowledgeable about the course they instruct.

3. Created with the student in mind:

Our number one priority is the success of each student through coaching and practice. We provide weekly score records which identify your child’s strength and weakness areas.  We provide flexible schedules and locations to meet the needs of all students academic levels, and busy schedules.  We support all aspects of a student’s learning process.  The group learning environment is a great idea for friends who want to attend test prep together! Refer a friend to receive an extra surprise.

4. Advantage ACT  courses:

Our advantage courses are packaged to meet the needs of all students learning.  The premiere advantage class covers full content with 24 hours of class time over eight classes.  Our complete advantage class coverage specific subject content (Math/Science) (Reading/English) with 12 hours of class time over four classes.  The advantage class purpose quick overview for scholars with busy schedules or a refresher course with 4 hours of class time over two classes.  Our typical 4-week course begins five weeks before each ACT test to ensure each student is fully prepared.   Flexible course times offered during weekday or weekends to meet the needs of all learners.

5.  Small class sizes:

To ensure that all our students are receiving proper and individualized attention during our courses we cap the number of students at about 12.  We believe given the right tools every child can succeed, and we know how difficult that can be in large class sizes. It is important to us that every child receives individualized instruction. Through whole group, small group, and one-one instruction provides for an interactive and effect course.

6.  Proctored exams with detailed analysis:

All students enrolled in our course and one-on-one ACT coaching programs are invited to attend a proctored ACT exam.  Test results scored within 72 hours and returned via email to each parent/student with a detailed report. Through the score report, we can recognize a challenging area and know where your child may need extra practice.  If a student needs added support outside the course, we also offer a hybrid program where courses supplemented with additional ACT coaching hours. These additional hours scheduled at your convenience, either after class or at home.

7.  Competitive pricing:

Our program in comparison to the industry giants is effective, individualized and affordable.  We are new to the area. We provide a personalized and uniquely effective program.  Our instructors specialize in their subject area.  We offer multiple package size with an abundance of pricing options to meet the needs of all learners.



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