School’s Out, Now What?

Summer Activities To Keep Kids Learning 

All young learners experience learning loss when they don’t engage in learning summer activities. There are ways to prevent your child from the dreaded summer slide phenomenon.   If you want to prevent summer learning loss or even accelerate learning this blog is for you.

1. Read EVERY day!!!

Backed by research reading every day is critical during long summer breaks.

2. Focus on grade-specific skills

If your child struggled in a certain area, summer is an excellent opportunity to go back and review. Consequently, this can bridge the learning gaps and build your child’s confidence.

3.  Daily schedule

The ideal guideline that should be spent on summer learning is twenty -to- thirty minutes three to four days per week.

4. Bring in the professionals 

Reflect on hiring a tutor who can create a personalized tailored plan to keep your child’s mind active.  Several students work better when the teacher isn’t mom or dad.

5. Toss out the paper and pencils

No more Paper/pencil does not work for all students. Instead, use educational games and apps to keep your child engaged or even some fun summer activities such as ‘horse’ to practice math facts or sidewalk chalk to practice site words.

10 Ways How Summer Learning Can Be Fun….

  • Cooking
  • Family poetry night
  • Summer blog
  • Sidewalk chalk to practice spelling or math facts
  • Campfire reading party
  • Virtual field trip-Smithsonian Museum
  • Trip to local library
  • Attend free events in your community- summer arts festival, a taste of…
  • Make a scavenger hunt
  • E3 Modern Learning Virtual Adventure Camps 🙂 Click here to learn more.

3 Tips For  Effective Learning Activities

  1.  Focus on the material your child will be learning or just learned.  Not sure what skills are relevant to your child’s grade.  No worries, reach out and we would gladly help for FREE and offer suggestions.
  2.  Involve the entire family, even the house pet.
  3. Most Important make it fun!


Keep your child learning all summer long with these fun summer activities that span reading, math, science, fine arts and more. Your child deserves the opportunity to practice the skills they need to be successful and confident for the upcoming school year.  For more information on how E3 Modern Learning can help your child reach his full potential this summer, contact us (402) 810-6321 or click here and send us a message.

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