How To Prevent Summer Brain Drain

May 20, 2017

How to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Schools out for the summer!  There are parents and teachers who stress over the notorious “summer slide.”  Summer slide also known as summer brain drain is a term to describe the learning loss that occurs due to summer break. Summer brain drain is a real phenomenon.   It’s important to keep your brain muscles in shape.

Educational activities allow students to maintain the skills they have worked so hard to achieve during the school year.  Even during the summer months, students can continue to learn, achieve their educational goals, and expand their creativity.  Children don’t have to fall victim to summer brain drain.  You can make learning fun during the summer.

Impact of Summer Brain Drain

Research for over a hundred years shows summer learning loss is real. On average, students who don’t engage in educational activities experience summer brain drain. Consequently,  is the equivalent of two months’ worth of grade-level math and reading skills.  Read more about summer learning loss here.

3 Drawbacks from Summer Break:

  1. On average standardized test scores are lower at the end of summer break than the beginning
  2. The first four to eight weeks teachers review material students have forgotten over the summer.
  3. Increase weight gain which leads to child obesity

Demand No Longer Exit

Summer vacation may be an American tradition, but it isn’t one that indicates the needs and demands of the modern student.  The current academic calendar used in most schools was developed when most families worked in agriculture.  In addition, the air conditioning had yet to be invented.

School’s Stopped Learning Shouldn’t

Summer learning doesn’t mean it should be traditional classroom setting. Summer is the best time for children to discover that education isn’t just in the classroom.

Summer is a fabulous time to for exploratory learning.

Benefits of Summer Virtual Camp

  • An opportunity to participate in several exciting camps
  • Build new friendships among other camp members
  • A change to be the first of their friends to join an online virtual camp
  • Opportunities for scholars to share their original work and celebrate

Participate in Variety of Summer Adventure Camps

E3 Modern Learning has a full agenda of fun, educational modules taking place this summer.   Best of all- these sessions are planned for students to take control of their education.  You can find more information here.

Are you already a member of E3 Modern Learning? We would love to hear how you keep your child learning throughout the summer months in the comments below.

Or if you are considering enrolling your child in one of our programs, learn more about E3 Modern Learning today.

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