Are you aware Child’s’ play is an educational experience?  Playing is a powerful educational tool for children and helps to enhance their social, emotional and cognitive development. Children learn about themselves and their environment through play.

A parent can see early learning through play when parents play peek-a-boo. Teaching an infant when mommy or daddy leaves he/she will return.  For young children learning is done through the five senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and seeing.  These simple play interactions can have profound benefits starting from infancy and continuing through adulthood.

free and purposeful

The two forms of play are free and purposeful play.  According to Early Childhood Education Journal free and purposeful play not only teaches young scholars about other people’s feeling, but how to balance their own feelings.  Emotional lessons encourage young scholars to have empathy. Playtime empowers young scholar’s social development, as they learn to share, take turns, and teamwork skills.  Playing with their peers encourages children to grow socially as well as learn empathy for others.

Playtime enhances a healthy mind and body.  Playtime allows children to receive the exercise they need to stay fit. Young scholars should exercise one hour a day, according to the National Heart Association.  Free playtime allows children to blow off steam.  Young scholars will have less tantrums and increase positive bedtime routines.  Playing is a major part of a child’s learning whether it is social, emotional, or cognitive, it impacts the lives of our future generations.



  • Builds empathy skills
  • Relives stress
  • Develop social skills: learning to take turns, sharing and teamwork.

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