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    • My twin boys have had a wonderful learning experience in the short time they have been at E3 Learning Academy. The coaches go above and beyond to understand and cater to the different learning styles of each individual child. This program is one-of-a-kind! The students enjoy learning through structured play and meaningful, hands-on, engaging activities. Rebecca has put her heart and sol into writing this curriculum and getting the program up and running. Her passion for what she does is truly reflected in the growth my children have made since working with her. I would recommend this program to any parent who is looking to give their child a headstart in Kindergarten Readiness!!!

      Mandy Coutler
      Millard Public Schools
    • What a place! This is such a great place for kids. The coaches are so passionate about the kids that come to play and learn. They let the kids get creative and hands on with whatever inspires them to learn. I’m so excited that I found E3LA!

      Tina Carlson
    • Rebeka was a great help to my daughter. She was well prepared for high school work and has been getting great grades all year. The work gave her a lot of confidence for the school year.

      Jack Beliz
      Academic Coaching Parent
      Beliz Chircopracter
    • Rebecca is an awesome Tutor! I have been using her services for my son who is in special education for eight months and his reading has jumped 8 levels! More than ever I love how you work with his teachers too. She is amazing.

    • Thank you so much Rebecca… You are giving him life lessons too! You are the best!

    • Rebecca has helped my son find a love for reading. He has started to pick up a book on his own. Rebecca at first came to the house during the summer but then she convinced me to try Skype.. and it works PERFECT!! She can meet with him everyday and he thinks it is cool to Skype with his reading coach.


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