How to Help My Dyslexia Child

Most important, I am eager for the parents of my students to understand that their children can and will learn to read, that their children have strengths, not just weaknesses. I want parents to know how preparing their children to learn to deal with their disability can inspire confidence and enable them to look forward to a proud future where they understand their disability as well as their strengths, self-advocating for their unique learning style. This is my manifesto for the struggling reader.

Does my child struggle with can be a difficult decision?  You are not alone wanting the best for your child. Hiring an academic coach can build academic success, and your child will enjoy school more as a result.   In actuality, several young scholars who receive tutoring often end up on the honor roll.

Notice Your Child’s Success

If your child’s teacher indicates he/she is falling behind or struggling to complete classwork, this is a key indicator.  E3 Modern Learning values our teaching community and acknowledges and respects all levels of parent involvement in their child’s education.

  1. Take notice of small wins – A high-five, Way to Go,  Leave a Post-nNote
  2. Acknowledge when they self-correct
  3. Struggling students need to know what they are doing right, not just their mistakes

Share Your Own Difficulties 

Children with learning disabilities often have to work harder than their peers to stay on the same track.

  1. Students feel anxious when pressure of making a mistake
  2. Discuss your struggle/problem that you experience at work
  3. Tell them what you are not good at.

Set Achievable Goals 

Wanting your child to be on grade level will not happen overnight.

  1. Create short term goals
  2. Cross-out goals -Your child visualizes their achievements
  3. Focus of goal is realistic for you and your child that will positively affect his/her reading

Parents, Teachers & Your Child Work As a Team

Your child feels supported when you work as a team.

  1. Involve your child in meeting
  2. Discuss your child’s strengths, weakness, and talents
  3. Create a game plan and work as partners with your chid’s teacher

Guide Your Child to Use Their Resources

If you teach your child how to strive and use their tools to deal with his/her weakness now, you are giving your child an incredible favor.

  1. Advocate for themselves
  2. How to recognize his/her strength and weakness
  3. Feel more confident and sets them up for success

 So what can you do? 

Hiring an academic coach into the equation can simplify the home routine and give your child more opportunity for school and beyond.  Please do not feel like you are alone, as the tutoring industry is forecasted to reach $196 billion by 2020.

E3 Modern Learning will create a personalized achievement plan for your child that connects individual’s passion to their learning experience.  We want to work ourselves out of a job as we enhance cognitive and social skills for school and life.

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