Effective Tactics To Boost Your ACT English Score

The ACT test is beatable.  Anyone can master the test and get a top score, with the right preparation and strategies. The English skills on the ACT especially test specific. Furthermore,  to score high on this section, it’s important to understand how your skills will be assessed and seek out authentic practice questions.  In this post, we’ll discuss three ways to boost your ACT English score.

Attack Paragraph First:

Before reading the answer choices read through the entire paragraph that answers the questions for that paragraph.  This will help you understand the context around the sentences and the structure of the sentences, which will make it easier to spot the errors in the sentence you are correcting.

Eliminate Answer Choices:

 For every wrong answer choice that you eliminate, you should justify to yourself clearly why you are eliminating that answer choice. Eliminate answers that add anything extra to what the question is asking.  Keep it short and simple and get rid of words that are meaningless.

30 Second Rule: 

The English test focuses on what you already know rather than what you can figure out, so if you don’t know the answer right away you’re better off guessing.  With that in mind, you definitely want to avoid spending too long on a single question.

Wrapping Everything Up

Just remember: read the entire passage, justify why you are eliminating answers, and don’t feel bad about guessing on a question.

Lastly, learn how to take the test efficiently and with confidence.





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