5 Reasons Why Our ACT Training Course Is Not For Every Teen

  1. If your teen enjoys listening to teachers talk…. then is not for them

Our ACT training course was created with your teen in mind.   The last thing a teen wants to do is sit in class and listen to an adult lecture.

Our training course engages your teen and relates his/ her mind.  We want our scholars’ to be entertained not bored during their training sessions.

  1. If your teen enjoys doing worksheets…. then this is not for them

As I stated before, we designed the training course with your teen in mind, and due to living in 21St Century teenagers want to be engaged and learn in micro dosages.   The training course is broken down into micro sessions, which means they learn in small chunks of time.  Teens are on their phones, so don’t be surprised when SnapChat, Instagram,  are integrated into the training course.

  1. If you believe in teaching to the test…. then this course is not for you

The purpose of the ACT  is for college readiness.    We don’t want to waste your money or your teen’s time to just study for the test,, rather develop skills they will use in college and beyond.  For example, the English section, your teen will master grammar rules, which will help writing papers in college and send emails.  In addition, teens access the course through Schoology, which will prepare them for online college courses.

  1. If you want you teen to be just a number in the class…. then this training is not for your teen

We personalized our course through a diagnostic report,  so each teen can hone in on their skills and goal for the ACT.  In addition, your teen will receive weekly reports based on their progress.  The teen wanting to reach the 30+ will prepare differently than the teen wanting to reach the 21 score.

5. If you want your teen to use an outdated system….. then this training is not for your teen

The training course is backed by research and created by trained professionals who understand how kids learn. The ACT prep industry has not changed, and the average score increase was 1 point.  Prep is more than just content, rather observing behavior and developing strategies to develop areas of weakness.  This can only be done through coaching.

The bonus part of our course, the end of each training module we post a positive quote.    We believe all scholars have potential to reach their true ACT score when given the right tools.   Positive mind creates success.

Who Should Use This Course?

You should register for this course if you are looking for a modern approach to learning, and your teen wants to increase their score more than one point.

Teens who are willing to put in the work, and are motivated. Teens cannot be forced to learn they have to want it.  The best way to make your teen learn is they are the drivers of their learning to achieve the goal they want.


Yes,  How Do I Give My Teen Access?

You can register here.  

After you register, you will receive an email with the access code.

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