Summer Reading Bingo

Print out this awesome and free Summer Reading Bingo activity to encourage your child to read more this summer.  To prevent summer brain drain, you can give small prizes or rewards as they earn a BINGO.  As a result of filling the entire card, you can give them something special. This is an awesome way to engage kids of all ages in a fun summer reading program at home.



  1. Involve Your Child- ask your child for ideas for the prize for completing the bingo sheet.
  2. Monkey See Monkey DO: grab a book and read with your child. All children love spending one-one time with their parents and can increase their desire to read.
  3. Be Excited-  Show excitement about reading.  Talk to your child about why you like something you read. Then ask them what they liked and didn’t like about their book.


Having your child complete this chart will help prevent the summer slide. Therefore, instead of losing they will gain over the summer break. In addition to the color PDF you can print off a black and white version.

Download Here





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