Online ACT Training

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ACT Online Training

(for last minute prep)

An intensive prep that is best for teens who need to fine-tune his/her score, focus on a certain section and teens looking for an extra boost in the weeks leading up to test day.

Your Teen Can:

  • Secure access to any mobile phone, tablet, and laptop
  • Train anytime, anywhere
  • Chat with an expert coach
  • Acess membership for one month

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Product Description

Our ACT  online training help teens develop the confidence and knowledge they need to improve scores.

ACT Online Training Features

  • Study Plan
  • Weekly score report + personal tips
  • 40+ micro training modules
  • 3 full-length practice test
  • 3 hours of live support
  • How to videos for math subjects
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 40+ Exit tickets
  • Engage with each other while training


*Check out our website to learn more about our proprietary ACT training.

Additional Information
The Real ACT Test Book 2017-2018

Must purchase. Purchase through our products page or at your local bookstore.


After you register for course, you will receive link and code to begin your self-paced ACT prep course.


1. Must be registered for the December 9th, 2017 ACT test
2. Allocate 3 hours the weekend of 11-24 and 12-1 to take a full-length practice ACT test
3. Be able to train daily for a minimum of an hour per day
4. Stay positive and focus


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