Obtain A Copy of ACT Test

January 5, 2017

Obtain A Copy of ACT Test: To Fix Answers

Imagine retaking a test without knowing what you missed the first time. Unfortunately, that’s how too many teens operate on the ACT. It doesn’t have to be that way!

By the end of this article, you will know exactly when it’s best for you to review your ACT test questions,

Purchase A Copy of The Test You Took

Did you know that ACT allows you to obtain a copy of your questions, the answer key and your answers?  In Addition,  If you took the writing prompt, ACT will include the writing prompt, the scoring rubric and the scores assigned to your essay by two readers.  You can order a Test Information Release for only $20 during the ACT  registration process, and test at a national test date that that offers TIR.

What Test Dates Allow for TIR?

The tests that are taken in months of December, April and June at a national test center can request this service.   You can order when you register, or up to three months after your test date.   You can order the TIR here. 

Why Order the TIR?

If you are an athlete and you make a mistake in a game the coach discusses in practice, so you don’t repeat the same error. Imagine if you play an instrument or in a play and keep missing a note or a line, he or she keeps practicing until mastery. The same is true for the ACT score.  To improve your teen should learn why the got the score and what areas they need to improve on.

How does E3 Help With Mastery

E3 Modern Learning committed to training students of all grade and skill levels succeed through unlimited coaching support,  personalized online ACT training, and a flexible ACT course.  Students can be confident with the knowledge that 97% students increase ACT score by 4 points, 99% students improve their academic performance. Most noteworthy,  100% gained confidence.

Ready to see your child reach their true ACT score.  Sign up for a free sample Trial using code  R8NSF-87SK8 or email for a FREE consultation today.

And did I mention, our course NEVER expires?!



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