What to Bring to the ACT

The big day is finally here! Use the list below to be sure you are prepared.

#1 Printed Admission Ticket

You must bring a printed copy of your admission ticket on test day.  You can not use your phone or other devices to show proof.  You can print your ticket by logging into your ACT account

#2 Photo ID

Your full name must match the name you registered with.   In addition, your picture must resemble the picture you provided during registration. Acceptable forms include the following: current official school ID, driver’s license, and passport.unacceptable forms include birth certificate, employee badge, learner’s permit, credit cards, and Social Security cards.

If you do not have the following, you can also have a school official or notary fill out this form.

#3 Two or more #2 Pencils

Bring sharpened, soft lead number 2 pencils with good erasers. You are not allowed to bring mechanical pencils or ink pens. Also,  you are not allowed to use any other writing tools.

#4  Calculator

You are allowed to use a calculator on the math section. However, your calculator must be a type that is permitted by the ACT. Testing sites do not have calculators for you to use.  Double check to make sure yours is acceptable before test day, and how to use it.

An acceptable calculator includes scientific, graphing calculators, and four-function calculators-though not recommended. For more info, read the ACT calculator policy.

#5 Food & Water

You are not allowed to eat and drink within the testing room but during a short break great way to recharge. The ACT test is long and stressful, so you don’t get distracted by hunger pains,  you can conquer the test. Be sure to bring brain-friendly foods such as protein bars and nuts. Lastly, be sure to eat breakfast in the morning.

#5 Confidence 

The night before a test stand in front of a mirror in the “superhero” pose for 3 minutes. Backed by research this can help improve your test score.  Lastly, remember this is not your only chance there are several dates to take the test.

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