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  • Assistant Camp Coach/Volunteers Wanted This Summer!

    Assistant Camp Coaches are very important members of our community.  They bring caring, playful, and energetic vibe to co-create and assist in making magic and fun that makes each camp unforgettable for the campers, other youth leaders, and staff team. If you love working with kids, want to welcome campers each day, and help staff with field games, songs, arts and crafts,  walks with nature exploration, conflict resolution, reading books, playing board games & with sand then Summer Adventure Camp is for you. 

  • Assistant Camp Coaches Description

    Assistant camp coaches  are integrated into the camp program and receive hands-on experience working with camp coaches. They assist camp staff in the supervision of campers, and set-up and take-down activities and events.

    Our summer adventure camp begins May 26th and end August 7th. We would prefer camp coaches to sign up for weekly full day sessions. However, we understand schedule may not allow, so half-day or the same day each week all summer could be an option as well.  We accept a limited number of applicants per session, and it is possible not all applicants will be accepted.

  • Responsibilities:

    • Strong leadership skills
    • Genuinely enjoys playing with younger kids
    • Willing to dedicate part of their vacation to giving back, putting camper needs ahead of their own, being a role model, and in general being of service
    • Participate in all events with enthusiam 
    • Wear camp t-shirt daily
    • Particpate at morning huddle, sitting wtih students
  • Benefits:

    • Grow as a leadership
    • Opportunity to work on and develop interpersonal skills
    • Will receive community service hours
    • Responsiblity & accountabilty
    • Seen as a true role model beyond our camp
  • Qualifications

    • Must be 13 years old
    • Background & Reference Check- For those age 18 and over, applicants must receive favorable results from a nationwide criminal background check before working with children

    • provide 2 contacts for references (teacher, coach, mentor, employer; no relatives or friends)

    • Attend pre-camp orientation
  • Important Dates:

    Coming Soon Orientation dates

    June4th: Camps Starts

    August 13th Camp end

    *Assistant Camp Coaches can signup for weekly sessions that are full and half day. 

  • Appreciate Your Interest!

    We accept a limited number of applicants per session, and it is possible not all applicants will be accepted.  If you would like to come join  an awesome team, in the form please enter your details.  Rebecca will be in touch soon. 



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