ACT Science Overview

February 25, 2016

 ACT Science

The ACT science section is the second test of the ACT that measures the interpretation, reasoning analysis, evaluation and problem-solving skills in natural sciences.  Students will have 35 minutes to answer 40 questions.   The ACT science test consist of four passages including the topics in biology, chemistry, physics, and the Earth/space sciences.   The questions will require students to uses scientific reasoning skills over recall of scientific content, skill in mathematics, or reading ability.  The scientific information split between three different formats.

  1.  Data Representation
  2. Research Summaries
  3. Conflicting Viewpoints

Below I will explain in more detail the specifics for each format type. 

Data Representation (30-40% questions)

The passages will represent graphic and tabular material that can be found in science journals and text. The questions measure skills in the following area:

  • graph reading
  • interpretation of scatterplots
  • interpretation of information in tables.

Research Summaries (45-55%)

The passages will provide descriptions of one or more related experiments.  The goal of these questions is the design of the experiments and the interpretation of experimental results.

Conflict Viewpoints (15-20%)

The passages present expressions of several hypotheses or views that, being bassed on differing premises or incomplete data, are inconsistent with one another.

The questions measure skills of alternative viewpoints or hypotheses:

  • understanding
  • analysis
  • comparison

Students may have particular strengths and weakness for the different type of passages.

When you know your weakness area, find practice material and focus on understanding why you make that mistake. Find other sample passages and questions.  Practice makes perfect.

 Our course, we practice each of these subtopics and pinpoint what each student’s strength and weakness areas.   By the time students take the ACT, they are more confident and attain mastery through our practice questions.

For additional, ACTscience test sample questions visit the ACT website. 

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