How ACT Prep Can Inspire Your Child

Sam’s mom called me frantic almost in tears.   She knew her son’s ACT score of 15 did not match his academic grades.  Sam was offered a scholarship for soccer but needed a 19 to be able to walk onto the field.   There are many families whose parents feel helpless and want the best for their child. After taking the ACT six times Sam’s mom reached out to me to discuss her options.   Through the mock ACT test, Rebecca created an ACT game plan. The personalized

Sam’s Road to Sucess

Sam enrolled in E3 Modern Learning, where his expert ACT coach provided customized instruction,  in a fun and positive learning environment.   In addition to private one-one sessions, Sam followed his ACT playbook.   Sam’s ACT team caption monitor his progress gently supported him and Connor’s mom to implement  IEP testing.  Consequently, allows for extra support during the school day, so Connor can reach his reach true learning potential.

We understand there are several teens like Sam, and we recognize parents are asking us to be a partner in helping their child reach their true ACT score.  Furthermore, we provide a unique and comprehensive solution through our individualized ACT playbook and our innovative approach.   E3 Modern Learning utilized a premier  ACT coaching system.

Cutting Edge ACT Strategies:

  • Comprehensive weekly score tracking  to track progress
  •  Communicate with parents, and teens through dashboard
  • Certified & live expert ongoing support
  • No videos-Blooms Taxonomy learn by doing
  • Provide customized ACT playbook

Through these differential strategies, E3 Modern Learning is able to guide teens like Sam achieve academically and socially goals.  With an increase academic growth, enhancing confidence and building skills for future success in school and life.  Consequently,  it’s no wonder teens like Sam reach his/her true learning potential.

As a result, Sam’s raised his ACT score and his confidence has improved an.   Sam goal was to improve his score from a 16 to a 19.  Due to Sam’s score jumping two points higher than his goal he received more academic scholarship money.

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