Effective Tactics To Boost Your ACT Science Score

The ACT test is beatable.  Anyone can master the test and get a top score, with the right preparation and strategies. The Science skills focus on interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and problem-solving.  Furthermore,  to boost your ACT Science score, it’s important to understand how your skills will be assessed and seek out authentic practice questions. Consequently, you don’t have to be a scientist to do well.  In this post, we’ll discuss three ways to boost your ACT Science score.

Read The Right Figure and Notice the Label

Most often students look at the wrong information and pick the wrong answer. There are two strategies to prevent this common mistake.   It may be helpful to underline important information in the question.   Another strategy that may be helpful is to place your pencil on specific chart or graph as soon as the question tells you.  After you read the rest of question, your eyes will wonder to the correct information.

Conflicting Viewpoints Save For Last

First of all, this passage is the most time consuming due to no tables or graphs. Instead, there are two theories presented in short paragraphs. You need to read and understand the entire passage to correctly answer questions. In addition, this passage requires a different approach and will break you out of your focus mindset of reading visuals.

If you have less than five minutes, skip reading and tackle the questions.  Then go back and skim the passages to answer the best you can.  Reading entire passage is best, but with less than 4 minutes or less, you can not do both.


Don’t Stress Over Science Jargon 

The ACT writers expect you to solve questions through the skills you’ve learned in high school. Such as understanding how to interpret science data, understand different scientific theories, and the scientific method.

Furthermore, the ACT is a standardized test, which means it has to be fair to all students.  it would be an unfair advantage for students who never took AP Science courses.  As a result, If a question requires you know a term, it will define it, with the exception of basic science terms.


Wrapping Everything Up

You are capable of reaching high ACT Science score with the right tools and training.  Pay attention and make sure you are looking at the right data that pertains to the question you are solving.   Answer conflicting viewpoint passages last. Just remember, you don’t need to know a lot of Science to do well


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