Effective Tactics To Boost Your ACT Math Score

The ACT test is beatable.  Anyone can master the test and get a top score, with the right preparation and strategies. The English skills on the ACT especially test specific. Furthermore,  to score high on this section, it’s important to understand how your skills will be assessed and seek out authentic practice questions.  In this post, we’ll discuss three ways to boost your ACT English score.

Use The  Answer Choices:

Don’t try to solve the math problem without looking at your answers choices. Scooping out the answers gives you clue of how to solve the problem and

In doing so, you will save time.


Ask Yourself 2 Questions

 Before you dive into the math problem, ask yourself the following two questions: can I eliminate choices or substitute in instead of doing all the work?

Can I eliminate choices?

For every wrong answer choice that you eliminate, you can save yourself a lot of time.  By eliminating choices, The fewer answers you have to plug in, the faster you will find the right solution.

Can I plug in answer choices?

More than likely, one or two answer choices will be extremely unrealistic.  If you use the plugin answers strategy, you can save time by plugging in the more realistic options. y. As a result, the fewer answers you have to calculate, the faster you’ll find the best solution.

30 Second Rule: 

If a question takes more than 30 seconds to solve then mark it and move on.  Once you have answered all the problems that you feel are easy to solve and you feel certain how to solve

ACT math problems get more difficult as you progress. The easiest problems are in the beginning and the hardest problems are at the end. Seems like the logical thing to do is just go in order. However, what is easy for one student may not be easy for another.  For example,  an AP math student may struggle with Pre-Algebra due to not remembering how to do these type of problems.  A student who has not been exposed to higher math it would be practically impossible to answer these type of questions.     With that in mind, you definitely want to answer the easier questions first, then go back to the more difficult problems.

How The Process Works:

  1. Read Problem
  2. Immediately solve problems that are the easiest and fastest
  3. If you identify problems that will take a long- circle it and move on
  4. If you read a problem and are clueless,  put an x and move on
  5. Once you reached # 60, quickly attempt problems from step three
  6. If time allows go back and attempt the problem that left you stumped


Wrapping Everything Up

Consequently, each question is worth one point, so don’t spend too much time trying to solve one problem this may cause you to rush on easier problems and causing simple errors. Just remember, when you use answers given, it saves you time and prevents miscalculations.  Most of all remember, stay calm and be confident that you CAN reach your potential.




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